Welcome to Rude Cat Studios!


Welcome to Rude CAT Studios, a company dedicated to creating and applying new technologies and media tools to revolutionize the world of fine art and mural production.

Increasingly, artists and institutions are seeking new media to turn their ideas into creative work products. Cat Studios is an innovative art company consisting of artists, designers, and technicians devoted to masterminding art projects, isolating problems, and developing solutions within the frame work of imrpoved technologies. The end result is to provide the artist with better tools, more flexibility, increased productivity, and a significant cost savings to pass on to the end user.

With the developement and application of Omniscape, our amazing digital based painting process. Cat Studios, utilizing rich artist OILS, ACRYLICS, and other PAINTS can now produce virtually any licensable image on any surface, any size, and in extremely condensed time frames. This is NOT an ink printing process. Our OMNISCAPE DIGITAL PAINT SYSTEM is the first and only to use real artists PAINTS.

With our OMNISCAPE PAINT PRINTER, artists can produce beautifully painted images and artwork on a wide range of design surfaces and substrates at a cost and speed never before available.


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Imagine... creating 5 to 10 times the number of painting a year!

Imagine... finishing a detailed 20 foot mural over the weekend!

Imagine... your media is anything you choose (canvas, wood, metal, sisal carpet, cement pavers, an old barn door, any media rigid or rolled, smooth or textured)

Imagine... underbidding your competition & delivering a more detailed and better product!

Welcome to CAT Studios and our revolutionary digital painting process, OMNISCAPE! The ONLY digital painting process to use REAL ARTISTS OILS & ACRYLICS.

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We translate your licensable image or rendering to oil or acrylic on any substrate! Paint 5 times faster! This amazing technology uses artists paints...Ivory black, manganes blue hue, magenta, lemon yellow hue & ivory white! Continuous tone. Not an inkjet, dye sub or photographic process. No dots or inks involved. Sizes: 36" x 48" to 10' by 18 ' in a single panel. Larger murals are produced using tiling then joining the tiles or panels together. These murals can be any size and delivered anywhere in the world for installation. Underpaintings from simple sketches can be produced in full color, black & white, or sephia! Starting as low as $5 a square foot depending on size.

Our one of a kind underpainting service will improve your productivity. We do the heavy lifting that allows you to concentrate on the fun creative part. Simply supply us with your sketch and we will scan and paint it for you. You then finish up with your signature details and move on the the next project. CAT studios is your personal Atelier.

In addition to traditional canvas substrates we also offer a nonwoven polyester substrate for use on building exteriors and signage applications. This material actually lasts longer than any paint. (Guaranteed for 7 years)

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